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Human-friendly analytics for your web app. mobile app. startup.

Use pre-made blocks and components to put stack them into fully functional landing pages and full websites. Elementor makes it easy to customize every element.

Used by teams worldwide

Effortless insights with the world's friendliest analytics platform.

Collaborative UX

No more sharing logins and digging through massive sets of data. Just invite your teammates and uncover insights together.

Quick and easy insights

No action is more than one click away. Yes, just one click gets you a clear view of your information.

Super simple

Tested and works even on dogs. Just kidding. We did make it so simple even your grandma can figure it out!

Finally, data you can understand.

No more data overload. Uncover guided insights that guide action and results.

Almost magical.

Insights so clear it's almost magical. The best UX in the industry.

One click to clarity

With just one click, you can see the entire picture and take direct action.

Everything you've ever wanted in a simple analytics experience.

Analytica is made for the average person, so anyone can uncover actionable insights within one click.


Analytica is build with privacy at its core. Get the necessary information without breaching consumer privacy.

Minimal Setup

Get started in seconds - as easy as copy and pasting a snippet of code. Up and running in under 30 seconds!

Beautiful Dashboard

Data is beautiful and we baked it into our product. Choose between light and dark modes or have it set automatically.


One click connect with any of your favorite apps.

Pull data from a variety of sources to get the full picture.

We love our customers

And they seem to love us

Our team can finally be on the same page without passing around logins and notes. Analytica has enabled cross-departmental collaboration and insights are coming from people of various backgrounds.
Jenny Witmore
Cambridge Data

Get actionable insights in seconds

Privacy-first analytics platform to help you make smart decisions.

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