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Poor financial reporting can cost you — literally. Ottit removes the guess work from bookkeeping for your booming business. 

Others Versus Ottit.

Why business owners are ditching their conventional accountants and growing faster with Ottit’s financial experts.


Overpaying Your Taxes With Inaccurate Books


Lack Of Clarity In Financial Reports


Unreliable, Overpriced Bookkeepers


P/L & Balance Sheet Delivered Monthly


Monthly Reviews With Account Manager


24/7 Communication via Slack & Email

Focus on record breaking numbers,
while we focus on crunching them.

Dedicated Ottit Agents

Get connected with the financial expert of your dreams. Ottit matches you with a Dedicated Agent that understands the nuance of your business.

The Best in Bookkeeping

Ottit takes pride in its team of QBO Certified ProAdvisors. Your expertise is e-Commerce sales, and your Ottit Agent's is too.

Committed Customer Support

Questions come every hour of the day, and they deserve answers. With Ottit, responses within 24 hours are guaranteed.

Monthly Financial Reports

A lot can happen in 30 days, and financial reporting is a part of that equation. Ottit delivers P/L and Balance Sheet’s every month on the 15th.

Cash Basis Accounting

Ottit Agent's focus on your unique needs. Our Cash Basis Accounting lets you focus on your fast paced growth, while we focus on your green.

Seamless Client Onboarding

Our five step program integrates all your channels into one central locations. With Ottit, your books will be sitting pretty.


Kiss lengthy onboarding goodbye. Ottit supports your favorite software.

Thousands more
in your pocket.

Take your financial transactions from a mess, to blessed. Ottit compiles all of your transactions into a pristine chart of accounts, saving clients an average of $8289.19 in taxes last year.

Crystal clear
financial reporting.

Ottit delivers monthly P/L and Balance Sheets so you can make better business decisions, save on taxes, and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Maximize time &
minimize headaches.

Ottit removes the business owner from cumbersome clerical tasks and gives them extra time to focus on fun – like scaling your business.

A team of e-Com
experts just for you.

Ottit Agent’s are experts in e-Commerce and DTC sales – just like you. Your Dedicated Ottit Agent leaves no question unanswered.


Trusted By 250+
of Your Favorite Brands


An affordable monthly plan you can deduct, every single month. Saving you over $7,500 a year on taxes.


Perfect for newer startups under 500K yearly revenue ready to scale.


No contracts or obligations.
Cancel anytime, no questions asked.


For startups that are growing fast and need more flexibility.

only $595/mo!

No contracts or obligations.
Cancel anytime, no questions asked.


For businesses that need to catch up on last years bookkeeping.

As Low As $295/mo

No contracts or obligations.
Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

What our loyal
customers have to say.

Five simple steps to
Crystal Clear Reports.

Step 1

📝 Onboarding

Fill out our onboarding form with your businesses unique attributes and needs.

Step 2

📚 Meet Your Bookkeeper

We'll introduce you to your team's dedicated bookkeeper. You can discuss your exact needs and set your expectations!

Step 3

🔄 Syncing The System️

You'll sync your bank accounts, credit cards, payment processors and revenue platforms into your desired accounting software and give us read-only access to begin crunching the numbers.

Step 4

🤖 AI Automation

Ottit will inspect every single line items to identify recurring transactions. Our AI will then create rules and automate your transactions within their accurate categories.

Step 5

👨‍💻 Preparing Your Books

Once recurring transactions are automated, your dedicated bookkeeper will reconcile your accounts and prepare your P/L and Balance sheet statements.

End Goal Acheived

🎉 The Final Product

Your monthly report will be delivered and reviewed with your internal accounting team. Easier than you thought, right?

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no definite answer to this question. Every business has their own unique sales and expenses, but on average, our customers have saved between $7,500 and $8,500 a year in federal and state taxes with generated revenue between $1M-$3M ARR.

*We cannot guarantee any results or definite metrics for what you’ll save (or owe) in Federal and State taxes.

Yes! Once you join the Ottit family of small business owners and entrepreneurs, you’ll be introduced to your dedicated bookkeeper and account manager. Your bookkeeper specialized in e-commerce, direct to consumer based businesses. Our team members are highly experiences, vetting thoroughly with no criminal background, and certified with Quickbooks Online as a ProAdvisor.

Yes! Whether your business is generating $1,000 a month or $1,000,000, the IRS requires all business owners to file their taxes for the fiscal year – and you cannot do so with reconciled and up-to-date financial records.

Bookkeeping is the process of tracking all of your company’s financial transactions, where accounting includes summarizing, analyzing, and reporting these transactions to oversight agencies, regulators, and tax collection entities.

In simpler terms, bookkeepers prepare the financials and accountants report them to the correct legal and tax required entities.

Ottit records your bookkeeping on a cash basis that immediately recognizes revenue and expenses.

You can cancel your subscription whenever you’d like! There are no contracts and zero commitment. You’ll still have full access to your books, and hopefully we can still be friends 🙂

We integrate directly with your accounting software of choice. We highly recommend Quickbooks Online, but cater to Gusto, Expensify, and Net Suite as well.

Ottit will reconcile your transactions, categorize them in the the proper chart of account and produce your financial states for the fiscal year. We do not file your taxes, your CPA does, but your financials will be prepared and IRS compliant.

No. Ottit only has read-only access to accounts that are already synced to your account software. We will never have (or ask for) access  to your bank accounts, credit cards, or revenue channels. We can only see transactions within your ledger. Information sensitive accounts are encrypted and fully protected.

Ottit will happily back-date your bookkeeping and reflect the months you haven’t covered.

Inventory management, payroll, invoicing and balance fulfillment are not currently in our collection services, but we look forward to offering them in 2023!


Join hundreds of business owners that trust Ottit with their bookkeeping.

Free your time. Save thousands on taxes. Enjoy monthly reports.

Or your money back. No questions asked!

Ottit is a provider of financial back-office services that includes bookkeeping and payroll services. We are not a public accounting firm and do not provide services that would require a license to practice public accountancy.

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