Budgeting has never been this fun.

Quicksave is the only budgeting app that pays you for shopping while staying within your budget. Saving has never been this fun!

Understand your spending and control your budget.

Quicksave makes it super easy to see your spending so you can stay on budget. Your home screen dashboard gives you all of the stats you need to be in control.

Earn points while shopping.

When you shop, you accumulate points for staying within your budget. These points can then be applied towards discounts at your favorite merchants. It’s the only app that pays you!

Redeem points for rewards.

Quicksave rewards is a program that saves you money on purchases by offering exclusive discounts. We partnered with over 1,000 vendors to make this possible.

Get in control of your life and your finances while having fun.

Quicksave – the only budgeting app that pays you for saving.

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